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At DKD21 Media, we want you to learn to step up your video production game.

But as well video, AUDIO is key to a well produced video.

Think about it.....

You could sit through a low quality video quality...But you wouldn't bear 30 seconds of audio that sounded like it was recorded with an amplified toaster..right?

So that's where this bad boy comes in...

No, this is not a ferret. This is the RODE VideoMicro Microphone.

So, why did we get this microphone?

It's light:

At 4g or so, you can't feel it on your camera, yet it's so powerful!

It's small and compact:

No bulky wind cover or extremely long caugette looking tube ontop of your mirrorless camera, just a simple small and DISCRETE microphone. This is key when you just want to pop it on and GO

No batteries needed:

That's right, it's powered by yoru camera. No batteries needed and so you don't have to worry about carrying extra AAA batteries and damaging the environment....or remembering to switch the microphone off!

What is included when you get the microphone?

- Free DEADCAT...Meow

- SC2 cable -> if you want to use your microphone with your iphone or smartphone, you need to get an SC7 cable, which you can get here: (UK): (US):

- Shock Mount -> Sturdy plastic with some elasticity to dampen any vibrations

- Microphone -> Great quality sound out of it. It definitely is better than the Canon M50 in-built microphone sound.

Want to pick it up? Check it out here (UK):


Check out the unboxing and sound test video we made here:

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