A Latin Legacy

The Salsa Music

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About the Documentary

An original idea by Angie Aguirre who has utilized her experience in covering Latin shows in London during the last decade, as well as her close relationships with promoters and artists who have come to the city.

Salsa music was born in the first half of the twentieth century as an expression of the different cultural rhythms that together from different parts of the world.

This documentary is an investigation that unites three of the major cities of the world: London, New York and Tokyo with a common relationship that is:

"Salsa as a cultural identifier"

Documentary Characters

We have been fortunate enough to work with these amazing people to help tell their story of Salsa Music.

The strong presence of salsa music in other cultures is the result of these talented, incredibly skilled and creative artists. 

Why London, New York and Tokyo?


New York

in New York, Salsa music became a characteristic of Latin and Hispanic culture, which allowed it to differentiate itself from surrounding communities, and to be identified as an integrating power.



In London, Salsa music spread and became dance culture with its own characteristics. In its infancy it linked to the story of one of the largest serial criminals in the country.



In Tokyo, Jimmy Bosch, one of the first Salsa stars, describes how this phenomenon developed in the antipodes of its origin, where Salsa music also has its own history.

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